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Since 2015

Committed To Creating A Vending Machine With Superior Performance

The market turmoil has set off a revolution in the retail industry. In this era, technological manufacturing is blooming everywhere, and smart new stars write new miracles! The grand blueprint of "new retail" is slowly unfolding...

Hebei Shengma Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing solutions for the smart new retail industry. It has been approved as a provincial-level "specialized and special" enterprise and a provincial industrial enterprise research and development institution. The company is committed to the R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of intelligent vending machines, as well as OEM/ODM customization, intelligent background SaaS cloud services, etc.

Shengma was established in 2015. Today, Shengma's technology strategy has taken root in 22 cities, and its business radiates at home and abroad. Relying on domestic and foreign markets, it has received amazing market response. The northern production base of Shengma vending machines has an existing plant construction area of 50,000 square meters, an annual production capacity of over 130,000 units, and an annual output value of 410 million. With a production workshop of 20,000 square meters, more than 80 skilled professionals, dozens of intelligent systems, from material selection to finished product manufacturing, hundreds of procedures are controlled layer by layer to strive for excellence. Shengma builds trust with professionalism and attitude! Every day, dozens of team members work hard and cooperate closely, and tens of thousands of parts are matched one by one, with perfect precision.



Shengma achieves brand reputation with rigor and ingenuity! Its self-developed intelligent cloud management platform, with powerful data collection and analysis capabilities, accurately realizes real-time monitoring of each vending machine. With first-class operation supervision, it guarantees the smooth online operation of hundreds of thousands of vending machines. In the field of industry innovation, Shengma is determined to forge ahead, dare to be the first, and subvert the traditional market. It is the first to launch cutting-edge products such as scanning code payment unmanned vending machines, unmanned vending and advertising all-in-one machines, and smart AI facial recognition cabinets. Has more than 20 independent invention patents, and took the lead in passing the IS09001 quality management system certification.

Quality Assurance

Shengma Technology adheres to the drive of innovation, fully integrates leading technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud services, and big data, and independently develops and manufactures: snack and beverage vending machines, doll grabbing machines, ice cream vending machines, adult products vending machines, grain and oil vending machines, labor insurance Machines, lucky bag machines, mask machines and other modern smart retail equipment are widely used in parks, schools, factories, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, pedestrian streets, office buildings, cinemas, playgrounds and other high-popular places, making more and more Many people enjoy the convenience of life brought about by technological progress.


Shengma provides new retail solutions for hundreds of thousands of users around the world, and its products cover beverages and food, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, daily necessities and other categories and fields. Cooperate with Jingdong, Mercedes, State Grid, China Aerospace, Coca-Cola, Gree Electric, Changan Automobile, Great Wall Motor, Deppon Express, YTO Express, ZTO Express, China Telecom, BOE, Otis Elevator, COFCO, Yihai More than 100 listed companies such as Kerry and Baota have maintained long-term cooperative relationships, serving more than 400 industries, and serving more than 100 million customers in total, so that the power of technology can benefit everyone.


The Company Was Established In 2015


Existing Plant Building Land

130000 +units

Annual Production Capacity Exceeds 130,000 Units

100 +

Enterprises That Maintain Long-Term Cooperative Relations

400 +

Service Industry

With the mission of "leading smart new retail and empowering new business ecology", Shengma Technology is committed to creating fully functional and cost-effective vending machines, realizing the entrepreneurial dream of new investors, and promoting the intelligent transformation of the new retail industry. The company abides by integrity and stable operation, adhering to the core values of "quality-oriented, win-win development", continues to enhance corporate creativity, and builds "Shengma" into a first-class brand with customer loyalty and consumer trust! Persevering in science and technology, achieving dreams, Shengma is showing the world the brilliance of Chinese manufacturing...