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Beverage Vending Machine

★ High-strength glass display window—sturdy, safe and convenient

High-strength tempered glass is used as the goods display window to prevent damage to the body caused by accidental bumps. The built-in LED lighting in the chassis makes the display of goods clear at a glance, bringing users a good shopping experience while ensuring property safety.

Adult Products Vending Machine

★ No need for manual work, more time-saving and easier

Quality comes from concentration, service footprints are all over the country, and the prospect is bright

Custom Vending Machines

★ Dare to be the first to subvert the traditional market

Randomly match the goods, each machine customizes the tray according to the size of the goods: face recognition pick-up, explosion-proof glass window, load-bearing universal wheels, special locks for vending machines, flexible spring cargo lanes, humanized pick-up ports

Multifunctional Smart Grid Cabinet

★ Lattice code scanning cabinet, all categories are sold

Combined with the main cabinet, it can hold more products, improve the efficiency of making money, and there are many choices of display places, and the use environment is not limited