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How to choose an ice cream vending machine?

Ice cream vending machine storage and sales equipment to store products, receive sales instruction signals, and send the products selected by customers to the payment area. The coin-operated equipment of general vending machines consists of coin slots, selection equipment, inspection equipment to confirm the authenticity of money, Since the 1970s, it has replaced various new vending machines and coins controlled by microcomputers.

May 28,2022

How to use the beverage vending machine?

Beverage vending machines present a larger range of unmanned sales systems connected to computers, such as unmanned shopping malls, automatic ticket selling and checking systems at stations, bank ATMs, etc. Vending machines were developed in Japan and Europe in the 1970s. A new commercial wholesale method developed with the United States, also called a 24-hour closed mini supermarket. In Japan, 70% of canned beverages are sold through vending machines. The beverage company Coca-Cola has 500,000 beverage automatic vending machines around the world. vending machine.

Jun 10,2022

How much is the vending machine? How to formulate it?

The vending machine is composed of coin equipment, indicating equipment, storage and selling equipment, etc. The coin equipment is the core of the vending machine. After reaching the number of purchased items, send out a sell signal to find out the balance, and the indicating device is used to indicate the type of product selected by the customer.

Jun 19,2022

How much is a reasonable vending machine?

How much is the vending machine has also become a sales terminal that young customers often visit. The role played by the ice cream vending machine is related to its working method. At present, the commercial operation of the vending machine in the market can be roughly divided into two methods. One is enterprise-oriented. The other is the operator-oriented method. Different characters have different effects. The automatic vending machines launched by brand owners are mainly based on brand promotion and channel coverage.

Jun 26,2022

What's the problem with the ice cream vending machine?

Ice cream vending machine The usual vending machine is a networked terminal. The company can monitor the operation of each vending machine in real time, use big data to analyze the effect of advertising push, and timely adjust the advertisement and playback dynamics on the touch screen. This way of advertising It is also a profitable way for vending machines to enable vending machines and advertisers to complete double advertising business revenue.

Jul 01,2022

Introduce in detail the use of beverage vending machines

A beverage vending machine is an intelligent device in which the buyer inserts coins or swipes an IC card, and the machine automatically sells beverages and other commodities. It is an intelligent device in which the machine automatically sells beverages, food and other commodities by putting in money or rinsing an IC card. The vending machine can realize multiple functions such as delivery, change, induction, and LED display.

Aug 03,2022

Learn more about the application of ice cream vending machines

In resorts, scenic spots, stations, and pedestrian streets where crowds gather, automatic coin-operated ice cream machines can be seen everywhere. With their cute and compact body, they have become a new popular product, and many places have begun to introduce them. When making a selection, the price of an active coin-operated ice cream machine is a problem that it has to consider.

Aug 10,2022

Introduce the ice cream vending machine in detail

The main body structure of the fully automatic ice cream machine adopts the custom processing of national standard sheet metal. The materials of the food place are all made of 304 stainless steel food-grade PP, and the food-grade silicone tube is used to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the food. The compressor is imported from Italy, the reducer is a worm wheel hub, and the expansion pump can achieve high expansion rate (this is a patented expansion device designed for a fully automatic ice cream machine).

Aug 17,2022

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